A Quick Chat With....

A Quick Chat With is the supplemental show of Guess That Record. Each episode will see Jackson interview an up and coming artist to talk about their new release. The show will be posted to the Guess That Record feed, so if you’re subscribed to Guess That Record, you’re subscribed to A Quick Chat With!

Guests On the show


Speedvark is a UK based rock band. Prog Magazine once said about the group “Catchy, clever and fun…drawing on everything from XTC to Talking Heads to early Stones.” Founded in 1986 by Ben Raudnitz and Pedro Flatt, the duo has expanded their lineup in recent years by including Ben’s kids Marcus, Mig, and Nathan.

Bonus Content

Stewart Copeland's Police Diaries

Stewart Copeland’s Police Diaries is the brand new book from the legendary drummer of The Police, Stewart Copeland. The book is a collection of Stewart’s diaries that he kept from 1976-1978, which accurately detail the formation of The Police. To help promote the book, the publisher Rocket 88 Books reached out to Jackson to provide an early copy of the book to review on an episode of Guess That Record. Stewart Copeland’s Police Diaries is available to order from rocket88books.com or policediariesbook.com