Behind the scenes of Episode 6 (Hot City Horns)

After our initial run of five episodes finished releasing in April, I went back to work trying to get more guests to appear on the show. During that stretch I went with my parents to Spokane to see the first show on Paul McCartney’s Got Back tour, his first tour in three years. It was a true bucket list concert for myself, as The Beatles were the reason I got into music. Getting to see one of my favorite Beatles in person was a dream come true.
After the concert one thing that I agreed on with my parents was that the horn section was one of the strongest parts of Paul’s band. Ironically, when I posted about the show on Instagram, I saw that the horn section’s Instagram account had liked my photo. They’re called the Hot City Horns, and a few months after the show, I decided to reach out to them to see if they would be interested in appearing on the podcast. I was quite excited when Paul Burton, the section’s trombone player, replied back and said they were interested.
It took a while to get a recording date locked down as they are very in demand. Outside of their work with Paul McCartney, they regularly tour with other stadium-level acts. Eventually, we were able to coordinate a time, and in late September I sat down with Paul, Mike Davis, and Kenji Fenton. Mike plays trumpet, and Kenji plays saxophone. I can safely say this episode is one of my favorites. The guys were so friendly and easy to speak with. As an up and coming artist myself, it meant a lot to be speaking with musicians that have performed with so many successful artists. I couldn’t believe I was getting to hang out with people that work with one of my biggest inspirations in Paul McCartney. That’s what I love about doing this podcast, it’s allowed me to make connections with people I admire. I went from watching the Hot City Horns on stage in Spokane, to interviewing them a few months later. I can’t wait for what’s next with Guess That Record!